Musician and vocalist Bill Broughton teamed up with Bill Scott and June Foray to create an assortment of musical numbers complete with pre- and post-dialogue for the animatronic shows to perform to. Over the years, several people have been able to digitize these performances and put them online. Please enjoy this archive of lyrics and YouTube videos.

You can filter song titles by featured character using the thumbnail icons. Note that characters are listed as being “featured” if either dialogue exists from the character, or their vocals or instrumental contributions are explicitly distinguishable on the track.

Click on one of the song titles below for lyrics and/or media, or click here to search by character!

Select Classic “A Show” Numbers
Song TitleFeatured Characters
  A Little Country-Country
  A Policeman's Lot
  American Pops
  Be Happy
  Big and Small of It
  Build-a-Rock Jam Session
  Bullwinkle, Bullwinkle, Bullwinkle
  Bullwinkle Moose
  Bullwinkle's Beautiful Ballad
  Country Blues
  Country is Dumb
  Dudley's Imitations
  Everyday's Alright (sic)
  Foreign Tap Dancer
  Get Out, Go and Get On
  Glad to Be Us
  Grass That Blue
  He Man March
  Hot Dog
  It's a Big Wide World
  It's Easy to be a Good Ol' Boy
  Just One Song
  Klondike Fried Chicken
  Look on the Bright Side
  Mantle of Fame
  Miles of Smiles
  Russian ABC's (Black Russian)
  South of the Border
  Split Reed Concerto
  Statehood for Moosylvania
  Status Quo Lee-Beat
  Thinkin' Big
  We Brake for Squirrels
  Whistler's Brother
  Whistlin' a Happy Tune
  Wossamotta U
Select Prototype Numbers
Song TitleFeatured Characters
  Happy Bluegrass Hopper
  Dance the Day Away
Poem/Skit TitleFeatured Characters
  Skit: Dudley's Skit
  What is a Friend? (Poem)
Happy Birthday Numbers
Song TitleFeatured Characters
  Happy Birthday Today
  Happy Birthday, What a Birthday
  Happy Happy Birthday
Select Seasonal Numbers
Song TitleFeatured Characters
  ChrisMoose Christmas Show
  It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas
  Reindeer Christmas Show
Additional Numbers
Song TitleFeatured Characters
  Friends Today
  Make More Friends
Classic “B Show” Audio Files
Song TitleFeatured Characters
  YouTube: January B Show
  YouTube: February B Show
  YouTube: March B Show
  YouTube: April B Show
  YouTube: May B Show
  YouTube: June B Show
  YouTube: August B Show
  YouTube: September B Show
  YouTube: October B Show
  YouTube: November B Show
  YouTube: December B Show