Wossamotta U

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    Rocky asks Bullwinkle and Dudley about their alma mater, while Natasha asks Boris about his. Underdog then starts off the tribute to Wossamotta U, which concludes with Bullwinkle asking the audience to try their hand at one of the arcade games!

    Announcer: Once again, it's show time! And here to introduce our next number is that mighty pet of the jet set, Rocky the Flying Squirrel!

    Rocky: Hi there all you Family Food 'n Fun Lovers! Right now we're gonna do a salute to higher education!

    Bullwinkle: Great idea Rock! Oh I will never forget my school days at the Frostbite Falls School for Exceptional Children!

    Rocky: What was exceptional about you?

    Bullwinkle: I was the only kid with antlers!

    Rocky: How 'bout you Dudley?

    Dudley: I attended the Northwest Mounted Police Academy!

    Rocky: Did you graduate?

    Dudley: No, but my horse did!

    Boris: Hehehehe! Do-Right is the only flat foot with head to match!

    Dudley: I resemble that remark!

    Natasha: You went to college Boris?

    Boris: Of course! I learned my ABC's at Potsylvania U!

    Natasha: ABC's?

    Boris: Assassination, bomb throwing, and conspiracy!

    Natasha: Did you graduate?

    Boris: With the highest honor Potsylvania can give!

    Natasha: Which is?

    Boris: Magnum con lousy!

    Underdog: Yes, I guess everybody has a soft spot for his old school! Even me...

    They say that every dog must have a day (whimpers)
    And I recall some days of yesteryear!
    And so a loving tribute we shall pay

    To a college that each one of us holds dear...
    Let us stand if we're still able and remember all the scenes!
    The friendly grey-haired campus and ivy covered deans
    The cribbing and the feeling, our colors black and blue
    Of the grand ol' alma mater we call Wossamotta U

    Wossamotta U!
    Wossamotta U!
    Not a thing! Not a thing!
    Wossamotta U!

    We are whips, we are drums
    We repay our student loans!

    They say that every dog must have a day
    And we recall some days of yesteryear
    And so a loving tribute we shall pay
    To Wossamotta U
    Wossamotta U

    Bullwinkle: Well, so much for the groves of academe! We're gonna take a little recess now, but we'll be back soon! While we're gone, how 'bout trying to outsmart one of our keen games? Hmm? Try playing Pac-Moose!

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