Grass That Blue

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    Underdog and Bullwinkle spar about whether or not Bullwinkle has anything in common with Barry Manilow.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, it's show time! And here's our star, Minnesota's answer to Barry Manilow, Bullwinkle!

    Bullwinkle: Heidi!

    Underdog: Bullwinkle! You're Minnesota's answer to Barry Manilow?

    Bullwinkle: Well not so much an answer, more of a explanation!

    Underdog: But he's a big recording star!

    Bullwinkle: Well off the record I'm as good as he is!

    Underdog: Bullwinkle Moose and Barry Manilow have nothing in common!

    Bullwinkle: Do too!

    Underdog: What?

    Bullwinkle: We got the same initials!

    Rocky: Bullwinkle, you're incorrigible!

    Bullwinkle: Yeah! And a snappy dresser too!

    Rocky: Play fellas...

    (Country music plays)

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