It's a Big Wide World

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    Underdog questions whether Bullwinkle is world famous as the announcer has suggested. Bullwinkle and company proceed to sing about parts of the world.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's show time! And here's our star, the world famous Bullwinkle Moose!

    Bullwinkle: Heidi friends and neighbors!

    Underdog: Bullwinkle! You're world famous?

    Bullwinkle: Why certainly! They love me in Lapland, I am buffo in Bangladesh, and in Pottylvania...

    Boris: What about Pottsylvania?

    Bullwinkle: Just six weeks at the top of the hit parade, that's all!

    Boris: Yeah! We hit you with tomatoes! Hehehe!

    Rocky: Hit you with tomatoes? Didn't that hurt?

    Bullwinkle: Well only when they forgot to take them out of the cans!

    Underdog: Gee, if you've been all over the world, dontcha get tired of singin' and playin' in the same place all the time?

    Bullwinkle: Heck fire no Underdog! With our music we can stay right here and still travel all over the world!

    Underdog: Please, elucidate!

    Bullwinkle: I'll do better than that, I'll show ya! What's our first stop?

    Underdog: Well, how about old Mexico?

    Bullwinkle: Nothing easier! Old Mexxxxico!

    I love it here in Mexico, the weather's great by golly!
    'Cause even if it's cold today, it's always hot tamale! Hahaha

    It's a big wide world we live in with a lot of room to roam!
    And if you travel with a song you'll always feel at home!

    Hey Dudley, how about going to Venice Italy?

    Dudley: I'm with you!

    Venice has canals for streets I found out with a shock!
    The time I tried to cross one in the middle of the block!


    Now, what about the Swiss Alps Underdog?

    Underdog: Let's go!

    Swiss Alps are the place to be if you're really into snow!
    You may not dig it before you come but you will before you go!

    Together: Chorus

    Underdog: Hey Natasha, what about Ireland?

    Natasha: Let's go dah-link!

    Ireland has lakes and hills for scenery and stops!
    We hope to see it someday if the raining ever stops!

    Together: Chorus

    Natasha: Hey Squirrel, can we go to Hawaii?

    Rocky: Sure! Listen to this!

    To dance Hawaiian hulas, requires a special knack!
    And also steel-balled bearings in your sacroiliac

    Bullwinkle: Mighty fancy word Rock!

    Together: Chorus

    Rocky: Hey Bullwinkle! How 'bout finishing our trip by going to Scotland?

    Bullwinkle: Okay Rock!

    Bonnie Scotland that's the place we dance the island fling!
    Of course the bagpipes play off-key but that's the way I sing!


    Now you've heard the world we live in but no matter where you are
    If you travel the world and have a song you're happier by far!

    Bullwinkle: Well that's the end of our world cruise! And as the Yap islanders say, Bulunga!

    Rocky: What's that mean?

    Bullwinkle: That means "stop by Rocky's Trading Post for some swell Bullwinkle souvenirs!

    Rocky: Bulunga means all that?

    Bullwinkle: Yeah! Yap Islanders talk slow, but they listen real fast!

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