Make More Friends

This song was commercially released by Bill Broughton on his album Happy Songs, Happy Kids!!, which is currently available for streaming. This does not appear to be part of any known Bullwinkle's stage show, and may be an outtake or a side project.

See the world around us, everybody goes their own way
No one has the time to say ‘hello’ today...
Everybody's serious they don't know how to go play
Come on kids let's get on out and make more friends!

Let's make more friends right now, let's start it today!
Let's make some friends so we can make time to play
Life ain't no good when we just spend it alone
Without your friends we'll end up in the time zone

No one wants to be alone no matter what they might say
There's just too much time to be alone in the day
Life seems so much better when we have someone around us
Come on everybody let's go make more friends!


In the time zone!
Just all alone!

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