South of the Border

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    As Rocky and Bullwinkle argue about where to go on vacation, Dudley describes his perfect vacation...touring the United States of America!

    Announcer: Once again it's show time at Bullwinkle's Family Food 'n Fun Restaurant! And here are the stars of the show, that couthsome twosome, Rocky and Bullwinkle!

    Rocky: I don't care what you say Bullwinkle! I think a trip to Europe is the best idea! Just think! All those wonderful sights, the Eiffel Tower, and those palaces, the art galleries, the...

    Bullwinkle: No no no! Hay-way-ii, that's the only place to go! They got the palm trees, we can stay on these beaches like the hula dancers, uk-ku-lulus playing, they got, hehe...hoo hoo hoo! 'Xcuse us hehe! We were just having an argument about where to go on our vacation!

    Rocky: I say Europe!

    Bullwinkle: And I say Hay-way-ii!

    Rocky: How about you Underdog?

    Underdog: Oh! I dig the Grand Canyon! And I must say it keeps me busy!

    Bullwinkle: How's about you Dudley?

    Dudley: Oh, I'd like to go...south of the border!

    Rocky: You mean to Mexico?

    Dudley: No no, you forget, I live in Canada! South of the border for me means the United States of America! Anywhere from Maine to Montana! Listen, and I'll explain!

    Oh I'm a rugged mountie catching crooks in Saskatoon
    Where it's always cold and windy and the sun goes down at noon
    But on my next vacation I'm a-gonna take the time
    To head south of the border to that sunny tropic's...

    Chorus (Company):
    Hibbing, Minnesota! Fargo, North Dakota! Helena, Montana! And Muncie, Indiana!
    The land of Banana enclosed by Montana, the Gottsch starling cattle to the bullfights in Seattle

    I dream about that sunny land where balmy breezes blow
    And it never gets much colder than forty-three below!
    So after twenty years of thumping thugs in Winnepeg
    I'm gone south of the border if I have to break a




    Hibbing, Minnesota! Fargo, North Dakota! Helena, Montana! And Muncie, Indiana

    Dudley: Ole! Frostbite Falls may not be exactly a garden spot! But be it everso frigid, it's no place like gnome!

    Audience: Boo!

    Bullwinkle: Thank you Dudley Do-Right! Now we're all gonna take a short break for a long cool drink of something! Here's hoping you do likewise!

    Rocky: See you later!

    Bullwinkle: But not much!

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