Build-a-Rock Jam Session

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    When Boris sabotages Bullwinkle by eliminating his program, Rocky and Tooter decide to start a jam session.

    Bullwinkle: Uh...

    Underdog: Go on Bullwinkle, introduce the next number!

    Bullwinkle: I don't know what it is!

    Underdog: Well look at your program!

    Bullwinkle: I can't! Somebody set fire to it!

    Rocky: You mean it's burned up?

    Bullwinkle: Yeah! And so am I!

    Rocky: Well who would play such a dirty trick?

    Boris: I give you three guesses!

    Natasha: Boris! You set fire to Moose's program?

    Boris: Yes Natasha! But it was an honest mistake!

    Natasha: How so?

    Boris: I meant to set fire to the Moose!

    Rocky: He can't do that to us!

    Underdog: He seems to be doing it!

    Rocky: No! Well we'll just make something up as we go along. We'll build a number right from scratch!

    Audience: Yay!

    Rocky: Okay Tooter, start scratchin'!

    Tooter: (drums intro)

    Funky musical interlude.

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