Happy Bluegrass Hopper

  • YouTube Recording

    This song was recorded originally for the prototype stage at the Santa Clara location, featuring Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley. The track was an instrumental only, with dialogue on top. As this number was never adapted for later stages, the original show tape, as well as transcripts of the show's dialogue, is considered lost. Some of the dialogue, however, appears in a promo reel by AVG, and appears at the end of the lyrics presented here. The track was also released by Bill Broughton on his album Happy Songs, Happy Kids!!, but with added vocals. The official showtape title is also unknown, as this track is simply named “Happy Bluegrass Hopper” on the album.

    Bill Broughton (as added later, loosely representing “Hoppity”)
    I'm a Happy Hopper can't you see
    Come along and hop hop hop with me
    I'm as happy, happy as can be
    Won't you come and hop with me?

    Bullwinkle: Beep beep beep beep...

    Rocky: Bullwinkle! What are you doing?

    Bullwinkle: I'm sending a message out there to my relatives in the audience!

    Rocky: Well how are they gonna understand beep beep beep?

    Bullwinkle: Easy Rock, that's moose code!

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