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Prototype Stage

This was the prototype stage, originally featuring animatronics by The Only Animated Display & Design Company. Designed with a cabin feel, this was a 3-stage that featured the Fantasy Fountain Show. On the proscenium, Boris and Natasha's faces are displayed. Other characters are featured as follows:

  • Center Stage: Rocky, Bullwinkle, Hoppity Hooper, Tooter Turtle, and Underdog.
  • Stage Left: Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley.
  • Stage Right: Dudley Do-Right.

    This was the only stage that included Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley. Additionally, this stage was only featured at the first location in Santa Clara, California, which eventually replaced the show with an A-stage, effectively removing Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley from the franchise's shows, and replacing animatronics with AVG creations.

  • Locations
  • Santa Clara, CA: Originally (Closed)

  • YouTube: Santa Clara Prototype Promo

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