Just One Song

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    Bullwinkle's feeling blue, and everyone can tell! The band helps Bullwinkle realize that just “one song” can make the difference! Bullwinkle then directs the audience to the dessert counter.

    Announcer: Once again it's showtime! And here's our star, that monarch of mirth, Moosylvania's madcap merrymaker, Bullwinkle!

    Bullwinkle: ...hello...

    Rocky: You don't sound like a madcap merrymaker to me Bullwinkle!

    Underdog: You sound like melancholy baby in whole notes!

    Bullwinkle: Yeah! I must've got up on the wrong side of the swamp this mornin'!

    Rocky: But you gotta cheer up! Everybody out there wants to have a good time!

    Boris: Not necessarily!

    Natasha: Boris, you too?

    Boris: Natasha, you ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong?

    Natasha: Yes?

    Boris: When all is doom and gloom?

    Natasha: Yes?

    Boris: When the whole world looks rotten?

    Natasha: Yes?

    Boris: Hehehe...isn't it wonderful?

    Rocky: Bullwinkle you gotta snap out of it!

    Bullwinkle: But how?

    Rocky: Well you can do it with just one song!

    Bullwinkle: “Just one song,” that sounds like the name of a tune!

    Rocky: It is! And it goes like this!

    What makes the sun rise in the east and sets it in the west?
    What makes the loser want to win and then become the best?

    Let's start the day with just one song
    All day long with nothing wrong
    Let's look for good things, not the bad
    No use being sad!

    Dudley: By George I think I've got it, how about this?

    Why does a mountie get his man and have that winning way?
    What makes him strong to work all night and fall asleep by day?
    No no, that's not what I meant!

    Company: Chorus

    “Rocky” and Bullwinkle:
    What makes the child have lots of dreams and makes them all come true?
    What makes the people say they won't if lots of others do?

    Company: Chorus

    (Musical Interlude)

    Company: Chorus
    Sing just one song!

    Rocky: Well, now that everything's okay, we're gonna take a short break! But we'll be right back! Remember, look for the good things!

    Bullwinkle: And at the dessert counter there's lots of good things to look for! Yummy!

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