Be Happy

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    While Boris's insults have peeved Rocky, Bullwinkle has a way to make things singing about being happy and cheering others up! This delightful disco tune is then followed by a plug from Rocky for Rocky's Trading Post, the Bullwinkle's gift shop!

    Announcer: It's showtime again, and we direct your attention to our center stage, where we present that star of stage, screen, TV, and the Thanksgiving Day parade, Bullwinkle!

    Bullwinkle: Heidi you lovers of fine food and fabulous fun!

    Rocky: Bullwinkle? You? A star of the Thanksgiving Day parade?

    Bullwinkle: Yeah! In New York City! Most years they got a great big balloon shaped just like me that floats above the parade!

    Natasha: You ever see that parade Boris?

    Boris: Yes! I couldn't tell the balloon from the real Bullwinkle!

    Natasha: Why dah-link?

    Boris: They're both full of hot air! (laughs) That's a good one!

    Natasha: Dah-link, don't you ever say anything nice about anybody?

    Boris: I did once! I said to my old grandmother, Gee Willickers Babushka, I sure love you!

    Natasha: What happened?

    Boris: Well, she washed my mouth out with soap!

    Rocky: That Boris sure puts a damper on things!

    Bullwinkle: Yeah! But I know how to take it right off!

    Rocky: How?

    Bullwinkle: Like this!

    (Be) Happy!
    Stop that frowning, come on let's be happy!
    No one wants to be with someone crabby!
    So when someone sitting next to you looks sad or blue let's start to make them happy!

    When you see a person frowning you might make them crack a smile.
    Then you'll see if there is some way you can help them for awhile!
    It's a good deed for a friend to help a friend in need you see.
    Then it just might help you with those sad and blues and make you happy!

    Rocky: We're gonna take a little break now but we'll be back soon! Don't forget to visit Rocky's Trading Post, for keen gifts and souvenirs!

    Bullwinkle: We accept beaver pelts, seal skins, and money!

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