Bullwinkle's Beautiful Ballad

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    Bullwinkle sings a song about loving who you are.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, it's show time! And now the star of our show, Bullwinkle!

    When I was young my father told me be happy being a moose
    You see the secret he knew in life you must be only yourself and things you can see
    So I'm happy just to be me and I like all of me
    I like my name, I like coffee and tea
    Where else can you see a big moose just like me
    Singing dum-dee, dum-dee-do-dee
    With my friends here, I like them too you see
    I see people not so happy trying to be someone else
    And I tell them what my father told me
    You see you must be no one else but yourself
    Or you'll find out you're unhappy
    And I want you to be happy like me

    For if you believe just a moose can believe all that I know being happy
    Being just me, just what I am a moose
    (A moose, just a moose, a big moose)
    A moose

    Boris: Oh boy! That last note. Now I know what they mean by the call of the wild!

    Natasha: But Boris, dahlink, there isn't a dry eye in the house!

    Boris: Don't be silly Natasha, you're looking at the Fantasy Fountain Show!

    Bullwinkle: Hey Underdog, what did you think of my big number?

    Underdog: We've been friends for a long time, haven't we Bullwinkle?

    Bullwinkle: Why sure!

    Underdog: Well, can't we leave it that way?

    Bullwinkle: Oh...yeah...

    Rocky: We'll be back right after the next fantasy fountain show! In the meantime, remember what Bullwinkle said! Be happy!

    Bullwinkle: Yeah, smile! Makes people wonder what you've been up to! Hehehe!

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