American Pops

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    Rocky provides a quick medley to showcase a history of American singing, aided by The Barbershop Quartet, Kitchen Staff, Boris & The Bad Guys, and Tooter & The Turtle Doves.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! It's show time! And here's our star, that sweet singer of the swamp, that minstrel of mark and mire, the baritone of the bogs, Bullwinkle!

    Bullwinkle: Kind of a messy introduction there! Hehe! Uh... what's up Rock? Hee hee hee. I sound like Bugs Bunny!

    Rocky: Well Bullwinkle, it's time for a history lesson!

    Dudley: Oh joy bells! Ah 1066, 1492, 1958!

    Rocky: 1958?

    Dudley: The year I was born!

    Rocky: No Dudley! This is a different kind of history lesson! It's a history of American singing!

    Bullwinkle: Well say on Rock!

    Rocky: Okay! First, here's what the fellas used to sound like at the old barber shop in the early 1900's!

    Barbershop Company:
    The clock on the steeple struck one (twenty three)
    When a tiny voice cried out, oh please tell me?
    Where can I locate the great flying squirrel and also his sidekick a moose (great big moose)
    A mountie who chants to be near (to be near)
    Said I know that pair have no fear (have no fear)
    The squirrel's name is Rocky, the moose is Bullwinkle they both live near

    Announcer: And now, from the fabulous forties, join me in listening to the song that took Mooslyvania by storm! Sung for us by the entire kitchen staff!

    Kitchen Staff Company:
    Hey! If you want a good time
    Get to the phone and get a dime!
    No time to spare, dial with care

    Announcer: It's the frantic fifties! It's Potyslvania, it's Boris and The Bad Guys, it's...

    Boris & The Bad Guys (Company):
    Steal secrets, sell those plots and plans
    I said steal secrets, sell those plots and plans
    You can pay by check, cash on the line, credit card, money order, Badinov time!
    Steal secrets, and hustle those plots and plans
    Hey! Plots and plans!

    Announcer: And now, the eighties! Here's Frostbite Falls' all-time biggie, Tooter and The Turtle Doves, playing and singing their all-time smash, “Swamp Fever.”

    Tooter & The Turtle Doves (Company):
    Took my baby walking
    We went to the swamp at the edge of town
    She fell in, no she was gone
    Not true, she swam away right out of my heart
    Now I spend all the hours down by the swamp at the edge of town
    Think how a girl fell in and swam away and out of my heart
    Right out of my heart

    Bullwinkle: Now it's time for the Fantasy Fountain Show! But we'll be back in a...

    Dudley: Pizza!

    Rocky: Hey! How come you hollered pizza?

    Dudley: Well some fellow backstage offered me five dollars if I just hollered the word “pizza” after this number!

    All Performers: Pizza! Pizza!

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