Foreign Tap Dancer

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    Natasha pokes fun at Boris, suggesting he is jealous about being stuck at the top of the stage instead of being part of the band. Boris is quick to point out that he can actually tap dance up there, even though his feet aren't visible. While it kicks sand on Bullwinkle's head, he is happy to show that he has the moves!

    Announcer: And now, direct from a smash appearance at the Peduka Pottery Festival, here's our star, the moose with the most, Bullwinkle!

    (Audience: Yay!)

    Boris: Boo! Boo!

    Natasha: Boris! How come you're always putting down the moose?

    Boris: It's just my little way of spreading carpet tacks on the pathway of life!

    Natasha: I think you are jealous!

    Boris: Humph! Jealous of that big moose? Why?

    Natasha: Because he gets to play in a band, and you are stuck up here where you can't do anything!

    Boris: Can't do anything? Listen to this! *tap dances*

    Natasha: Boris! That was you tap dancing?

    Boris: Tap, soft shoe, ballet, funky chicken, you name it, I can dance it!

    Bullwinkle: There's just one problem Mr. B!

    Boris: What?

    Bullwinkle: Hehehe...nobody can see your feet!

    Boris: People don't have to see my feet, they can hear them! *dances*

    Rocky: Hokey smoke Bullwinkle! He's right!

    Boris: Alright you musicians...and I use the term!

    (Boris dances)

    Rocky: He's really doin' it Bullwinkle!

    Bullwinkle: Listen to them flyin' footsies!

    Underdog: He's got more moves than Chinese checkers!

    Boris: And now, here's the old soft shoe!

    Bullwinkle: The what?

    Boris: Soft shoe! Soft shoe!

    Bullwinkle: Gesundheit!

    (Boris grunts)

    (Bullwinkle sneezes)

    Rocky: What's the matter Bullwinkle?

    Bullwinkle: The sand keeps fallin' on my head!

    (Boris grunts)

    Boris: There! How about that? Just one more time! Take me on home boy cheeks!

    (Boris grunts)

    Natasha: Who taught you dance like that Boris?

    Boris: Fearless leader did!

    Natasha: He gave you lessons?

    Boris: No, he gave me hot foot!

    Bullwinkle: We're gonna take a short break now, but we'll be right back!

    Rocky: I'll meet you at the bar Bullwinkle!

    Bullwinkle: But Rock! You're underage!

    Rocky: For a salad bar?

    Bullwinkle: Oh! Maybe not!

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