Dudley's Imitations

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    Dudley Do-Right tries his hand at entertaining by showing off his imitation skills of various instruments. Bullwinkle speeds up the tempo until Dudley sprains a tonsil, just in time for Bullwinkle to make another signature plug for Klondike Fried Chicken.

    Announcer: And now, here he is! That musical mad-cap, that master of mirth and melody, our star...

    Dudley: ...Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties! And a-one, and a-two...

    Bullwinkle: Hold it Dud! You can't play with this band!

    Dudley: And very tell why not?

    Underdog: You don't play an instrument!

    Dudley: I don't have to! I do imitations!

    Rocky: Of what?

    Dudley: Of instruments! Listen, the sound of the double-belled euphonium (imitation)! And here is the Tyrolian glockenspiel (imitation)!

    Rocky: I don't know!

    Dudley: Oh come on fellows! I can make your band sound better!

    Boris: Hehehe, it's a cinch! It couldn't make it sound worse!

    Bullwinkle: Is that so? Okay Dudley, we're gonna play, and every time we come to the end of a phrase, you imitate a different instrument!

    Dudley: You're on! Oh fame and fortune, here I come!

    (instruments playing)

    Underdog: That's where you come in Pops!

    Dudley: Sorry, carry on!

    (instruments playing poorly)

    Rocky: Hokey smoke! We're in trouble!

    (instruments playing)

    Underdog: Sounds just like it! Bless Bess!

    (instruments playing)

    Bullwinkle: Okay gang! Let's pick it up!

    Dudley: But...but I don't know any more instruments!

    Underdog: Well imitate something!

    Dudley: Oh...oh dear!

    (instruments playing)

    Dudley: Oh my it's a bit fast!

    (instruments speed up)

    Dudley: Now what? Oh goodness me! oh! Well uh...uh...oh! Oh dear! Oh my that's fast! Now what?

    Bullwinkle: Time for the big finish Dudley!

    (instruments speed up)

    Bullwinkle: Okay Dudley! You can play with the band!

    Dudley: I can't now! On my big finish, I sprained a tonsil!

    Bullwinkle: Well, I guess that's that! We'll be back in a few minutes. How's about trying some of my Klondike Fried Chicken while we're gone? Hehe. And we are gone!

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