Country is Dumb

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    Underdog protests how frequently the band plays country music.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, it's show time at Bullwinkle's Family Food 'n Fun Restaurant! And here, direct from a record-shattering appearance at the disco demolition derby, is our star Bullwinkle!

    Bullwinkle: Heidi all you chicken chompers and other friends of fine food! This here is gonna be a country music number that I'm sure you're...

    Underdog: Oh razz-bazzle!

    Bullwinkle: Say what?

    Underdog: Say razz-bazzle! Another country music song!

    Rocky: What's wrong with country Underdog?

    Underdog: How many country music numbers have you ever heard with a good saxophone part?

    Rocky: Not many!

    Underdog: Not none! So I ask you, what has country ever done for me?

    Bullwinkle: Ask not what country can do for you, ask what you can do for country!

    Rocky: If you can't play you could sing the lyrics!

    Underdog: Oh joy bells!

    Bullwinkle: Okay fellers, hit it!

    You can say what you like about the southland
    You can tell me that Nashville's number one!
    But with all this country music playin' 'round me
    I only got one thing to is dumb!

    Country is is dumb!
    You only got three chords to work with, number one!
    And the words all ramble on about women or drinking or trucks or guns
    All I got to say is country is dumb!

    Well I like to play my saxophone in numbers
    Just tryin' to make a buck and get ahead
    But there ain't too much room for saxophone players in country
    So I gotta sing lyrics to songs like this instead

    Chorus x 2

    Well they say that you've only got soul if you're living in Texas
    And the cowboy's life is the goodest thing today!
    Well if livin' in the country is really all that worthy
    Then why are all those cowboys in LA?


    All I got to say is dumb!

    Underdog: Thank y'all! Right now we'all gon' take a li'l break all! But y'all come back soon y'hear all?

    Bullwinkle: Gee you sound like a real cowboy Underdog!

    Underdog: Yes! Country is not only dumb, it's catching!

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