He Man March

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    Dudley Do-Right is sick of performing country and rock, so he pushes the band to accompany him for a he-man number.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls, and anybody in between, your attention please! It's show time and here's your host, the one, the only, the original, no Xerox copies please, Bullwinkle!

    Bullwinkle: Hello there you lovers of fine food and fun! We're gonna play a little light rock number that...

    Dudley: I knew it! I knew it! Again with the rock! Again!

    Bullwinkle: What's the matter Dudley?

    Dudley: Always rock and country, country and rock! Why don't we ever do one of those big he man numbers that I made so famous?

    Bullwinkle: Such as?

    Dudley: Well you know those, march march march, tramp tramp tramp numbers about the Canadian mounties!

    Bullwinkle: You fellers game to help Dudley out with a he man march number?

    Band: (Grumbling and muttering in appeasement)

    Underdog: Isn't this a little moldy fig?

    Dudley: I heard that! No, this is a number about the new mounties! Hit it!

    March march march 'arch
    Tramp tramp tramp tramp
    Go march march march march
    Tramp tramp tramp tramp

    Give me some men, some real he men who will march through the ice and the snows
    In their seal skin spats and their boyscout hats and their fur-lined pantyhose
    Give me some men, some real he men who laugh at hunger and thirst
    Who can crash a beer can with their teeth if they don't have to drink it first!

    (Trumpets playing)

    My goodness! What? Oh no, no no, what is going on?
    You are ruining my number!
    Oh stop, stop, please stop! Let me sing!

    Give me a man, a real he man the best that the west has produced!
    Whose idea of fun is an axe and a gun and a volume of (inaudible)

    Oh Canada, thy name (inaudible)

    Give me a man, a real he man who will stick to the core 'till his death
    Who will cash in his chips with a smile on his lips
    And Binaca on his breath

    Give me some men, some real he men who know they're really men!

    Dudley: If we could just get rid of those trumpets! Wasn't that a great number?

    Underdog: Let me say this Dudley, if life is just a bowl of cherries...

    Dudley: Yes?

    Underdog: That number was the pits!

    Dudley: ...oh!

    Rocky: We'll be back soon! While we're gone, remember in a fullest life, there's always room for another dessert! Bye!

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