Whistler's Brother

Rocky encourages Bullwinkle to push through his whistling challenges until they are all whistling and playing the saxophone together.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, it's show time! And here to introduce our next number is that junior jet jockey, that talented trooper of the treetops, that pearl of a squirrel, Rocky!

Audience: Yay!

Rocky: Thanks folks! Now we'd like to do a little whistling number for you! And...

Bullwinkle: Just a sec Rock, just a sec! (tries to whistle) Uh oh! Just what I was afraid of!

Rocky: What?

Bullwinkle: My pucker is all out of puck!

Rocky: Aww, you can do it Bullwinkle!

Bullwinkle: (tries to whistle)

Rocky: Come on! Whistle! Whistle!

Boris: You called?

Rocky: I said whistle! Whistle!

Boris: My mistake, I thought you said, “weasel,” hahaha!

Rocky: One more try Bullwinkle!

Bullwinkle: Okay! (whistles) Gee, I don't know my own strength! Okay Rock, let's do-er!


Underdog: (Plays Saxophone)


Rocky: We're gonna take a little break now!

Bullwinkle: Yeah! I gotta tall cold one waiting backstage for me!

Rocky: One of our delicious drinks?

Bullwinkle: No, Frosty the Snowman!

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