Russian ABC's (Black Russian)

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    Boris tries to take the spotlight and Natasha is doubtful that he, a crummy crook, has anything to offer. Boris decides to prove her wrong and show off the ABC's that Pottyslvania teaches. Dudley joins in to teach the ABC's of the RCMP, and Underdog plays his saxophone.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! It's show time! And here's our star, direct from the Frostbite Falls Farkleberry Festival, the one...the only...

    Boris: Boris Badenov!

    Audience: Boo!

    Bullwinkle: Now just a ding dong minute! I'm the star here!

    Boris: You always get to be the star! I should be the star!

    Natasha: What makes you a star Boris?

    Boris: I'm bright, I'm up above everybody else, and I do my best work in the dark! Hahahaha!

    Natasha: Boris! You are just a nasty, mean, crummy crook!

    Boris: Thank you!

    Natasha: What kind of song could you do?

    Boris: Ah! Glad you asked. Listen!

    If I come from Pottsylvania, that is where they teach and train ya
    And we learn like you, our ABC’s!
    A is for assassination
    B is for some good bomb throwing
    C is for a world conspiracy
    Everybody smiles and is a no goodnik, and we play on everyone no goodnik tricks!
    You would like the school we go to, they have lots of bad to show you
    Worst of all they keep you sad and blue!

    Up in Canada they teach Mounties how to be good men and women
    They too teach us ABC's!
    A is for some good addition
    B is for a band rendition
    C is for conditioning
    D our happy day and night, and we fight for what is right
    We give services to the masses, even little guys with glasses!
    And we stand for what's always true!

    Underdog: (Plays the Saxophone)

    Company: Hey!

    Dudley: What?

    Boris & Dudley: (Singing Respective Verses)

    Natasha: I got to admit it Boris, you are good!

    Boris: Good? Natasha! You really know how to hurt a guy!

    Bullwinkle: We're gonna take time out for a yummy cold drink now! We'll see you later!

    Boris: Not if I see you first!

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