Poem: What is a Friend?

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    This is a poem that was featured in the prototype show at the Santa Clara location. This was featured in the promotional video.

    Bullwinkle: Hello poetry lovers! Today's poem is entitled, What is a Friend?

    There is nothing in the world quite like a friend!
    Someone who'll stick with you right 'till the end
    A friend can be a moose, a boy, or a girl
    A dumb ol' walrus, or a flying squirrel

    Rocky: Gee, thanks Bullwinkle!

    Chumley: Uh, yeah! That goes for me too!

    Bullwinkle: Friends come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. They're full of fun and full of surprises!

    Dudley: (plays phonograph)

    Bullwinkle: Now just a dog gone minute! Can't you see I'm doing a poetry recital?

    Dudley: Oh! Sorry about that!

    Bullwinkle: Friends can be penguins who live in the cold

    Tennesse: Right you are!

    Bullwinkle: Friends can be turtles who live to be old

    Tooter: (plays drums)

    Bullwinkle: Friends can be found in the swamp like a frog

    Hoppity: (plays harmonica)

    Bullwinkle: Or hanging 'round fire hydrants just like a dog!

    Underdog: (plays saxophone)

    Bullwinkle: A friend will be there in your time of need. A friend is not full of meanness or greed!

    Boris: Oh brother! With friends like Moose, who needs enemies?

    Natasha: But Boris dah-link! Moose is your enemy!

    Boris: Oh yeah! With enemy like Moose, who needs friends?

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