It's Easy to be a Good Ol' Boy

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    The gang, including Natasha, teaches Dudley how to be a good ol' boy.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, once again it's show time! And here's our star, that sage of the swamp, that down home dapper dan, that good ol' boy who's not all that old...

    Boris: And not all that good!

    Announcer: ...Bullwinkle!

    Bullwinkle: Heidi friends and neighbors!

    Dudley: Are you really a “good ol' boy,” Bullwinkle?

    Bullwinkle: Born, bred, and buckled in!

    Dudley: Just what is a good ol' boy?

    Rocky: If you have to ask, you'll never know!

    Dudley: Could I be one?

    Bullwinkle: Well, maybe!

    Dudley: Well, I have half a mind to do it!

    Boris: You have half a mind, period!

    Dudley: How do I go about it?

    Bullwinkle: Just take a tip from a good ol' moose

    Rocky: And one from a good ol' squirrel!

    Together: It's easy to be a good ol' boy

    Natasha: Even if you're a girl?

    Bullwinkle: First thing you gotta look like a good ol' boy!

    Dudley: How do I do that?

    Rocky: Well you can't wear a fancy uniform!

    Dudley: No?

    First you buy yourself some blue jeans but don't you wear 'em wrong
    Just get the waist too inches small and the legs two inches long!

    Dudley: No riding britches?

    Get yourself a press down buckle as wide as a dozer blade!
    And a two dollar hat with a ten dollar bend to keep you in the shade!

    Dudley: And give up my Mountie hat? Never!

    Get yourself a pair of cowboy boots made out of a gator's hide
    With a two inch heel and a pointy toe not more than a half inch wide

    Dudley: But I take a EEE!

    Get a pickup truck with a winch in front and a trailer hitch in back!
    Full of body squeaks and oil leaks a real cowboy Cadillac!

    Dudley: I'd never be able to explain that to my horse!

    Don't watch no foreign movies, don't ride in foreign cars!
    Don't listen to no music that ain't played on guitars!

    Dudley: Not even shortening bread?

    Don't get no fancy notions, stay country through and through!
    And don't watch no TV reruns if they don't star Lash LaRue

    Dudley: How about Hopalong Cassidy?

    Bullwinkle & Rocky:
    Now don't forget to take a tip from a good ol' moose and squirrel!
    It's easy to be a good ol' boy, even if you're a girl!
    Now don't forget to take a tip from a good ol' moose and squirrel!
    It's easy to be a good ol' boy...

    Bullwinkle: ...even if you're a girl!

    Dudley: While we're gone, why not have your picture taken in Peabody's Improbable Picture Place? And remember, say Cheese!

    Boris: Cheese...

    Natasha: Boris you are not smiling!

    Boris: Of course not! When you're a rat like me, cheese is no laughing matter!

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