Miles of Smiles

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    Rocky wants to know why Dudley always has a big smile on his face and is always nice to the others. Bullwinkle explains that he is working on his “mile of smiles,” which turns into a pleasant number that even gets Natasha singing. Bullwinkle's next goal is to play some of the games in Underdog's Mighty Metropolis.

    Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, directing your attention to our center stage! Here's our star direct from the Frostbite Falls Farkling festival, with a hand full of hope, a heart full of dreams, and a head full of nothingn at all, Bullwinkle!

    Dudley: Hip, hip, hooray! Huzzah, I say!

    Bullwinkle: Well thanks Dudley!

    Rocky: Dudley's a nice guy!

    Bullwinkle: Yeah!

    Rocky: Always smilin'!

    Bullwinkle: Yeah!

    Rocky: I wonder why!

    Bullwinkle: Well, he's working on his mile of smiles!

    Rocky: His mile of smiles?

    Bullwnikle: I thought you'd never ask!

    Rocky: Ask what?

    Bullwinkle: What's a mile of smiles?

    Rocky: I don't know!

    Bullwinkle: I guess that's why you never asked! So, I'll tell ya!

    This life is full of sorrow, this life is full of woe
    Before you pass to judgment, you've many a road to hoe!

    Thank goodness there's one job to do that's really lots of fun!
    You gotta smile a mile of smiles before your day is done!

    Get goin' on your mile of smiles, you'd better start today
    You've got to smile a mile of smiles, so best be on your way
    To get your thousand miles of smiles before your time is through
    Start smiling miles and miles of smiles and ditch those dog gone blues!

    Dudley: Seems like a lot, but there's really nothing to it!

    Underdog: You'll find that it gets easier the more and more you do it!

    Rocky: A grin is vaster, you'll get there faster!

    Underdog: If you laugh real hard you can count it as a yard!


    Natasha: A smile measured from side to side is only about six inches wide!

    Dudley: So before you reach the final score, you'll smile ten thousand smiles or more!

    Bullwinkle: Every day and every way keep track of 'em and list them! Convert 'em to kilometers and use the metric system!

    Chorus x 2

    Rocky: We're gonna take a short break now!

    Bullwinkle: Yeah! I think I'll try my luck at one of the games in Underdog's Mighty Metropolis!

    Underdog: You don't need luck Bullwinkle. You need skill!

    Bullwinkle: Well, how do I get skill?

    Underdog: You gotta have luck!

    Bullwinkle: You see what I mean?

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