Skit: Dudley's Skit

  • YouTube Recording

    This is a skit that was featured in the prototype show at the Santa Clara location. This was featured in the promotional video.

    Dudley: Inspector Fenwick, I know I can do the number now, everything is working like clockwork!

    Bullwinkle: Yeah! A cuckoo clock!

    Rocky: I think Dudley should go practice on top of the Canadian Rockies!

    Bullwinkle: What are you talking to yourself for?

    Rocky: What do you mean?

    Bullwinkle: You said Dudley should go practice on top of the Canadians, Rocky!

    Rocky: I said Canadian Rockies!

    Bullwinkle: Oh, you have family in Canada?

    Rocky: After this conversation, we'll gladly listen to Dudley Do-Right!

    Dudley: This time, nothing will go wrong!

    Fantasy Fountain Show Begins

    Dudley: Ohh, I am...say now! What's going on? Oh! Water! Oh fudge! Well, two can play at this game! By a waterfall at Fort Resolution...oh darn! It looks like I'm all washed up!

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