Split Reed Concerto

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    Underdog has a problem with Bullwinkle being hailed as the hero all the time, and wants to point out that as an “underdog,” he can be a hero too! He shows the gang, and the audience, how he can make the best out of a challenging situation (a split reed). The gang sings as Underdog shows off his skills, until he “busts his chops,” so to speak. As the curtains close, Underdog drools over the pizzas he sees in the audience.

    Announcer: Hello, hello, hello! It's showtime! And here, direct from the Grand Ballroom of the By the Way Motel in Winnemucca, Nevada, is our hero, Bullwinkle!

    Bullwinkle: Heidi pizza munchers! I'd like to...

    Underdog: Some hero!

    Bullwinkle: Hmm?

    Underdog: A real hero isn't a big lummox full of muscles!

    Bullwinkle: No?

    Underdog: It's a little fella like me, who triumphs over

    Bullwinkle: And Adversity's got a pretty good team this year!

    Underdog: I mean...

    Bullwinkle: They beat Tick Tock Tech Seventeen to Zip!

    Underdog: No no Bullwinkle! I mean a real hero uses the bad things to make good things happen!

    Boris: Whereas a no-goodnik uses good things to make bad things happen!

    Bullwinkle: Such as?

    Boris: Such as this show!

    Underdog: Let me explain! For a sax player, what is the worst thing that can happen?

    Bullwinkle: Falling downstairs whilst playing “The Flight of the Bumblebee.”

    Underdog: Right! But the next worst thing is a split reed! That makes a saxophone sound like this (blows)

    Rocky & Bullwinkle: That's terrible!

    Underdog: But a real hero rises to the occasion!

    Bullwinkle: You're gonna fly away?

    Underdog: No! I'm going to blow harder and sound like two saxophones! (blows) How 'bout that?

    Rocky: How many saxophones can you sound like Mr. Dog?

    Underdog: Well I don't know! But we'll find out as that Saxophone Virtuoso Underdog (That's me folks!) plays my own composition, “Concerto for Orchestra & Split Reed.”

    Here's a little happy tune for Underdog to play!
    Just a little happy tune to start your happy day
    Now that you've heard this tune there's not much more to say
    Except that maybe it's time for Underdog to take it away!

    Now that you've heard this tune you may just want to say...
    That our Underdog don't play too well this way!
    You ain't heard nothing yet so sit back for awhile
    And by the time he is through, 3 o'Clock will do...you'll crack that smile!

    Now you all have an idea how he can play his sax!
    Man he sure really knows how to throw in his axe!
    Before you get up and go just listen one more time
    To Underdog play his sax like a real cool cat...
    Then tip him a dime!

    Bullwinkle: That was great! How 'bout a encore?

    Underdog: Well I'm afraid not Bullwinkle! That number etiolated my embouchure!

    Bullwinkle: Say what?

    Underdog: I busted my chops!

    Bullwinkle: Well in that case we'll take a little break! But we'll be back real soon! Bye bye!

    Rocky: Bye bye!

    Underdog: Bye pizza!

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