Underdog made his debut as an animatronic at the Santa Clara prototype show and continued to appear in all complete shows afterwards. As no complete shows are still in operation, Underdog is no longer appearing as an animatronic.

Underdog was depicted in the prototype show in his superhero outfit sitting on a short box, wearing ear muffs, and playing the saxophone. For the A Show, he was moved to Stage Left and sat on a shoe shining station. He also no longer wore ear muffs. In the Northwoods Show, he sat behind a billboard in the mountains in the upper side area of the stage. For this setup, AVG bots were reused from previously closed locations, sometimes with new Dreamation masks with increased fur. The last known performing Underdog was purchased by Animatronic Hub from the Medford location, which was originally used at the Calgary location.

Animatronic Generations

Generation 1: Prototype
The original Underdog was designed by The Only Animated Display & Design Company. This version had eyes that were slightly further apart. Another notable difference is that the saxophone that Underdog held had its own distinct movement.
Generation 2: AVG Design
The second and final generation of Underdog animatronics, designed by AVG, made its debut at the Edmonton location, and was almost identical in appearance with the exception of eyes that were closer together, no ear muffs, a larger forehead and a non-moving saxophone. Three of these would be reused for Dreamation-designed stages with new masks.

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