Rocket “Rocky” J. Squirrel

Rocky the Flying Squirrel (also known as Rocket J. Squirrel) is Bullwinkle's best friend and roommate. He made his debut at the Santa Clara location and has been featured in every stage show since. He currently performs at the Tukwila location, the only remaining show in existence. Rocky plays a string instrument while standing on a wooden crate of Upsidasium. Early shows depict Rocky wearing a green and yellow scarf, while later shows have him either with a white scarf or no scarf. He appears in the Center Stage or in the fire station of the Northwoods stage show.

Most restaurants that have closed or removed their shows have destroyed their animatronics. There are some in the hands of collectors, however. For example, the Rocky animatronic from the Medford location was purchased by SPC Animatronics.

Animatronic Generations

Generation 1: Prototype
The original prototype version was designed by The Only Animated Display & Design Company. This Rocky has a wide range of eye movements.
Generation 2: AVG Design
The second generation, designed by AVG, debuted at the Edmonton location, and features slightly reduced head movements. Some of these animatronics would later use Dreamation masks as replacements.
Generation 3: Dreamation Design
This generation was designed by Dreamation for later shows. These thicker fabric masks covered the entire mouth, and the lines at the bottom of his eyelids no longer have a gradient quality. Rocky also now has white instead of grey gloves. New animatronics would be designed up until around 2000 when the final Northwoods stages were constructed.

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