Snidely Whiplash

Snidely Whiplash was created to be a side show in Dudley Do-Right's Lock-Up, where Snidely sits behind bars and recites a monologue.

Animatronic Generations

Generation 1: Prototype
The original Snidely was designed by The Only Animated Display & Design Company.
Generation 2: AVG Design
The second generation of Snidely animatronics was designed by AVG, and made its debut at the Edmonton location. This was almost identical in appearance with the exception of minor facial structure differences.
Generation 3: Dreamation Design
The final presentation of Snidely Whiplash appears to be refurbished AVG bots or similarly constructed Dreamation bots. For this generation, Snidely's face has been painted green to match his cartoon counterpart.

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