Snidely Whiplash is a classic silent film villain who has an affinity for tying victims up on railroad tracks. He does not perform with the Bullwinkle's Band. Instead, he is put on display as Dudley's prisoner, following the band around from gig to gig.

Our Original Lore: After Rocky and Bullwinkle recruited Dudely Do-Right to their band, Dudley did not have time to drop Whiplash off at RCMP headquarters. Instead, it was determined by Inspector Fenwick that Whiplash's punishment for now was to tour with the band behind bars until Dudley could return.

Television: Snidely Whiplash appeared on the series Rocky and His Friends.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: Snidely appears in select restaurants behind bars in “Dudley Do-Right's Lock Up,” voiced by Hans Conrad and Corey Burton.

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Quick Info
Created by: Jay Ward, Alex Anderson, and Bill Scott

Voiced by: Hans Conried

First Appearance: 1959

Enemy: Dudley Do-Right

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