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A Stage (“A Show”)

For the first several years of Bullwinkle's, this stage was used for all new restaurants after the prototype location, starting with Edmonton, Alberta. These setups included the Fantasy Fountain Show. Unlike the prototype stage, the curtains for the stages open horizontally, instead of rising up and down. The animatronics for these setups were designed by AVG. As in the Prototype Stage, Boris and Natasha's faces are featured totem-style on the proscenium. Other characters are featured as follows:

  • Center Stage: Rocky, Bullwinkle, Hoppity Hooper, and Tooter Turtle.
  • Stage Left: Underdog.
  • Stage Right: Dudley Do-Right.

    Note that Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley are not featured.

  • Locations
  • Calgary, AB (Closed)
  • Edmonton, AB (Closed)
  • Federal Way, WA (Closed)
  • Norcross, GA (Closed)
  • Richmond, VA (Closed)
  • Santa Clara, CA: Later (Closed)
  • Upland, CA (Show Removed)

  • YouTube: Commercial (Edmonton & Calgary)

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