This cute and shy little dog, “Sunshine Boy,” secretly has an alter ego as the brave “Underdog,” who regularly rescues Sweet Polly Purebred while announcing his arrival in catchy rhyme. He has since taken up the sax and joined Bullwinkle's band.

Our Original Lore: After Rocky and Bullwinkle had hit the road and recruited Hoppity and Tooter, Marsupio, the evil boxing kangaroo crime boss, decided to kidnap the entire bus in order to use the vehicle for his criminal activity. Fortunately for the band, Underdog showed up and saved the day (not before accidentally setting fire to the fire station while doing it).

Underdog was excited to learn he had rescued a band and gleefully accepted their invitation to perform for him. Underdog pulled out his saxophone from one of his nearby telephone booths and the rest is history...he was offered a spot immediately.

While Underdog sat at Bullwinkle's feet in the show, he eventually got upgraded into having his own section of the stage. By the time the band moved on to Northwoods, he was given a new home, hiding behind a billboard up in the sky, so that he didn't have to change in telephone booths anymore. Eventually, Bullwinkle decided to take the show to Broadway, which was too far away for Underdog's liking, and he stayed behind in Minnesota.

Television: Underdog first appeared on television screens in 1964 and continued to appear until 1967.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: Underdog made his animatronic debut at the Santa Clara location and was eventually removed with the advent of the newly condensed B Stage. He made his return for the Northwoods stage, which was his final stage show. While he initially did not have dialogue of his own, he ended up being voiced by Bill Scott. His voice now more closely resembled that of characters from Fractured Fairy Tales. His animatronic had recordings voiced by Corey Burton but these were for an alternate version of the show that was never used.

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Quick Info
Created by: W. Watts Biggers, Chet Stover, and Joe Harris

Voiced by: Wally Cox (TV program) and Bill Scott (animatronics)

First Appearance: 1964

Love Interest: Sweet Polly Purebred

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