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This was the expanded stage designed by Dreamation. There were only three created, and they included some original Dreamation animatronics (Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris, and Natasha), and some AVG animatronics from previously closed locations re-skinned with Dreamation cosmetics.

The design was of a town complete with various facades, including a fire station, a "Moose" club house, a police station, and mountains.

  • Fire Station: Rocky and Bullwinkle. The green doors of the fire station would open up to reveal the two characters.
  • Police Station: Dudley Do-Right. The top window opens to reveal the character.
  • Moose Club House: Boris and Natasha's faces appear above either a grid of nine television screens or a large single screen, depending on the location.
  • Mountains: Underdog appears hiding behind a billboard advertising Nell's pies. The billboard opens up to reveal the character.

    Note that Hoppity Hooper and Tooter Turtle do not appear in this setup. Two of the locations included the Fantasy Fountain Show. The Medford location arranged the building facades in a different order, and did not include the Fantasy Fountain Show.

    Click here to view the Northwoods Stage Tour

  • Locations
  • Cary / Raleigh, NC (Closed)
  • Medford, NY (Closed)
  • Myrtle Beach, SC (Closed)

  • YouTube: Medford Tour by Animatronic Hub
  • YouTube: Medford Closed Exploration by Animatronic Hub

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  • Northwoods Stage Tour
  • Northwoods Mural
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