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B Stage (“B Show”)

This stage was a condensed version of the A-stage with a 1-stage setup. Some of these stage setups were equipped with the Fantasy Fountain Show. For setups with the fountain show, a separate "B Stage" show was recorded.

As with the other cabin-style stages, Boris and Natasha's faces are featured totem-style on the proscenium. Rocky and Bullwinkle are featured below on the 1-stage. Hoppity Hooper and Tooter Turtle are not present in most of these setups, although there are some photos that show that Tooter Turtle existed in at least one location. There is also evidence that at least one location used a raising and lowering system for the curtains (much like the prototype) instead of the horizontal ones. Footage also exists of a B stage that does not include the curtain frame at the top.

VERSIONS (Named Unofficially):
A: Includes Bullwinkle, Rocky, Boris, Natasha, and Tooter Turtle. Includes Fantasy Fountain Show.
B: No Tooter Turtle, includes Fantasy Fountain Show. May or may not include top curtains.
C: No Tooter Turtle, no Fantasy Fountain Show.
D: No Tooter Turtle, no Fantasy Fountain Show. Does not include wooden proscenium, includes updated curtains, and uses Dreamation Boris and Natasha instead.

  • Anaheim, CA (Closed, stage uncertain)
  • Chattanooga, TN (Closed, stage uncertain)
  • El Cajon, CA (Closed)
  • Escondido, CA (Closed)
  • Fountain Valley, CA (Closed)
  • Northridge, CA (Closed)
  • San Diego, CA (Closed)
  • Vista, CA (Show Removed, Open as Boomers)
  • Wilsonville, OR (Show Removed)

  • YouTube: Wilsonville by CavitySam 1
  • YouTube: Wilsonville by CavitySam 2
  • YouTube: Wilsonville by CavitySam 3

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