Tooter Turtle is a time- and dimension-traveling turtle who plays the drums for Bullwinkle and his band.

Our Original Lore: One day Tooter, who used to play the drums in his own group called Tooter Turtle & the Turtle Doves, decided to ask Mr. Wizard the Lizard for a chance to live out his life as if he stuck with music as a career.

When the Turtle Doves decided they wanted to go to college, Tooter continued on the road, traveling from town to town in Minnesota. He was just walking along the dirt road when Bullwinkle's tour bus pulled up beside him and asked if he needed a lift. When Rocky realized Tooter was a talented drummer, he immediately offered Tooter a spot in the band performing beside Hoppity, who had just joined the band the week prior.

While Tooter loved entertaining families at Bullwinkle's, he decided to return to his own place and time before the band arrived at Northwoods with the help of Mr. Wizard the Lizard.

Television: Tooter first appeared in 1960 in King Leonardo and His Short Subjects, and then his own show, Tooter Turtle, until 1961.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: Tooter debuted as an animatronic in 1982 at the Santa Clara prototype location. He stopped appearing in the stage shows shortly after the B Stage was being used as the new standard. While he has no dialogue, he sometimes uses his drums to respond to a question. Corey Burton is said to have voiced some dialogue for Tooter to use in an alternative version of the show that was never used.

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Quick Info
Created by: Total Television

Voiced by: Allen Swift

First Appearance: 1960

Friend: Mr. Wizard the Lizard

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