Hoppity Hooper is the plucky young frog who joins Waldo P. Wigglesworth and Fillmore in various shenanigans and harebrained schemes. He ends up playing the harmonica with Bullwinkle and his band.

Our Original Lore: When Rocky and Bullwinkle decided to form a moose and squirrel band and tour Minnesota, they parked their tour bus to get a snack to eat. Waldo P. Wigglesworth attempted to steal the unattended bus to use as a merchant truck. When Hoppity entered the truck, Waldo and Fillmore exited to inspect the truck's exterior when Rocky and Bullwinkle returned. They drove off, inadvertently frognapping our favorite frog!

When he was discovered, Rocky and Bullwinkle agreed to add Hoppity to the group when he showed off his harmonica skills. Unfortunately, by the time Bullwinkle's band arrived at “Northwoods,” Hoppity decided to retire his harmonica and return home.

Television: Hoppity first appeared in the 1964 television program Hoppity Hooper, which ran until 1967. The series used segments from The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show in between its stories.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: Hoppity's animatronic debuted in 1982 at the original Santa Clara location and was eventually removed around the time the B Stage was being rolled out. He does not have dialogue. There is said to have been dialogue recorded for alternate versions of the show that were never used after the prototype show.

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Quick Info
Created by: Jay Ward, Bill Scott, and Chris Hayward

Voiced by: Chris Allen

First Appearance: 1964

Sidekicks: Waldo P. Wigglesworth and Fillmore

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