Tennessee Tuxedo is the overly confident and scheming penguin from Megapolis Zoo. He, along with his pal Chumley, are regularly getting into trouble. He learns how to play the accordion and briefly joins the Bullwinkle's band.

Our Original Lore: When Bullwinkle and Rocky were looking to round out the sound of their band, they decided to visit a local talent show with their newly recruited bandmates Tooter, Hoppity, and Underdog. It was there that they came across Tennessee Tuxedo playing his accordion and Chumley with his triangle.

The two were hired immediately and stayed with the Band in California until they were recruited for the Copacabana while singing on the beach. Rather than share in the glory with the rest of the band, Tennessee and Chumley signed on the dotted line as a duo and sent Bullwinkle their resignations via telegram. Fearing audience disappointment over an empty stage setup, Underdog put on his big dog pants and took the spot. Tennessee found California too warm for his liking. It is rumored that he has since retired and now spends his days at the South Pole with Chumley.

Television: Tennessee Tuxedo appeared from 1963-1966 on the television program Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales as part of CBS's Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: Tennessee Tuxedo's animatronic made its debut in 1982 at the Santa Clara location, but was not included in other locations. Eventually his animatronic was removed in favor of updating the stage show to match the newer locations.

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Quick Info
Created by: W. Watts Biggers and Chet Stovers

Voiced by: Don Adams (TV program) and Dave Stamey (animatronics)

First Appearance: 1963

Sidekick: Chumley

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