Sweet Polly is the purebred dog news reporter who is also the object of Underdog's affection. She is a talented reporter, cook, and baker, and is always ready to tackle a news story even in the face of danger. When captured, she beckons to Underdog with her scream, and sometimes by singing Oh where, oh where has my Underdog gone, oh where, oh where could he be?

Our Original Lore: After being captured by a three-headed vampire from outer space, Nell decided to take a sabbatical from work to join Underdog and Bullwinkle's Band on tour. She whipped out her organ to join the show, but the band couldn't afford to bring her heavy organ on tour. Instead, she helps out in the kitchen making desserts.

Television: Polly first appeared with Underdog in 1964 and continued until 1967.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: While Polly only officially appears in merchandise and displays, an animatronic of her was constructed for the prototype to be used behind a turn table. This ultimately was scrapped during development.

Quick Info
Created by: W. Watts Biggers, Chet Stover, and Joe Harris

Voiced by: Norma MacMillan

First Appearance: 1964

Love Interest: Underdog

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