Sherman Peabody is Mr. Hector J. Peabody's adoptive son. Born an orphan, Hector adopted him after rescuing him from some bullies.

Our Original Lore: Sherman joined the Bullwinkle's Band as his father's photography assistant. He helped his father establish a pop-up shop called Mr. Peabody's Improbable Picture Palace, which the band sometimes incorrectly calls “Mr. Peabody's Improbable Picture Palace.” Eventually, he went home with his father.

Television & Film: Sherman made his debut in 1959, appearing in Rocky and His Friends.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: Like his father, Sherman's animatronic was never fully constructed. He only appears in merchandise, literature, and the photography studio.

Quick Info
Created by: Jay Ward, Alex Anderson, and Bill Scott

Voiced by: Walter Tetley

First Appearance: 1959

Sidekick: Adoptive father Mr. Peabody

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