Natasha Fatale and her partner-in-crime Boris Badenov work under Fearless Leader as spies from Pottsylvania. She provides the lone female vocal in the stage show, even though she is in disguised form.

Our Original Lore: Natasha and Boris were sneakily trailing Bullwinkle and Rocky as they were forming their group. Eventually, when the band had been established as a stage show, they disguised themselves as a totem pole complete with a bird statue. They would end up joining musical numbers from time to time whenever Boris took a break from heckling. While hiding on the tour bus, Natasha found herself developing a liking for Rocky, and thus tends to defend the band members against Boris's comments.

When the band went to later shows, they would find themselves hiding in other locations where “Moose and Squirrel” could not see them. At Northwoods, this was above the media screen. On broadway, this was at the top of the ticket booth. They are easily able to blend into their surroundings with their sign-like appearance.

Television & Film: Boris and Natasha first appeared on television in Rocky and His Friends from 1959, later known as The Bullwinkle Show. They would also appear in the 2014 feature film.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: Natasha appeared initially with Boris as an animatronic in 1982 at the original Santa Clara location, voiced by June Foray. She has been a part of every stage show at Bullwinkle's, first appearing as a totem pole in disguise, later hiding above the media screens, and currently appearing above the box office ticket booth.

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Quick Info
Created by: Jay Ward, Alex Anderson, and Bill Scott

Voiced by: June Foray

First Appearance: 1959

Partner in Crime: Boris Badenov

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