Chumley is the blundering walrus and sidekick to Tennessee Tuxedo from Megapolis Zoo. He often gets mixed up in his pal's plots and schemes. He briefly played the triangle in Bullwinkle's band.

Our Original Lore: In order to win a big prize, Tennessee hatched a scheme to win by entering a local talent show using human names. Chumley tried to learn how to play the keyboard but he couldn't do it with his flappers, so he learned how to play the triangle (which he magically grew fingers for). Bullwinkle and his band found Chumley and Tennessee at this talent show.

They joined the band and stayed for a short amount of time. On a day off, the duo were singing on the beach and were recruited to sing at the Copacabana. Tennessee jumped at the opportunity and the two immediately resigned from Bullwinkle's Band. They played at the Copa until the late nineties when they retired and moved to the South Pole.

Television: Chumley appeared with Tennessee from 1963-1966 on the television series Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: Tennessee Tuxedo's animatronic made its debut in 1982 at the Santa Clara location but was not included in other locations. Eventually his animatronic was removed in favor of updating the stage show to match the newer locations.

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Quick Info
Created by: W. Watts Biggers and Chet Stovers

Voiced by: Bradley Bolke (TV program) and John Swanson (animatronic)

First Appearance: 1963

Sidekick: Tennessee Tuxedo

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