Bullwinkle is a friendly but blundering moose that lives in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. Along with his much smarter sidekick, Rocky J. Squirrel, he manages to foil the plans of his rivals, Boris and Natasha. For the Bullwinkle's band, this Wossamotta U alumni plays the banjo. Much to his squirrel companion's frustration, Bullwinkle tries to incorporate his poetry and jokes into the band's set.

Our Original Lore: As described in Bullwinkle, Bullwinkle, Bullwinkle, our hero, shivering in a wintery swamp, was no longer receiving royalties from his classic television show, but was convinced to go on tour to visit restaurants named after him. He took up the banjo, gave his old pal Rocky a call, and went on the road where he picked up Hoppity Hooper, Tooter Turtle, Underdog, and several others.

His final stop was Bullwinkle's Family Food 'n Fun Restaurant where he set up his show. While his band shrank down to just him and Rocky, he was able to call Dudley Do-Right and Underdog to come back when he went to Northwoods. The Mountie and superhero dog have since retired, and the moose and squirrel duo now sing in a repurposed box office ticket booth in Tukwila, Washington. Unbenownst to him (sometimes), Boris and Natasha are hiding in the top of the booth.

Television & Film: Bullwinkle made his debut in Rocky and His Friends, which was later renamed to The Bullwinkle Show and later The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Bullwinkle would appear in several ads from the 1960's to the 1990's, and also starred in a 2014 motion picture.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: Bullwinkle's animatronic debuted in 1982 at the original Santa Clara location, and has been a part of every Bullwinkle's stage show since. His speaking and singing voice are done by Bill Scott.

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Quick Info
Created by: Jay Ward, Alex Anderson, and Bill Scott

Voiced by: Bill Scott

First Appearance: 1959

Sidekick: Rocky

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