Boris Badenov is the low down “no-goodnik” spy from Pottsylvania working with Natasha Fatale under Fearless Leader. Accidentally appearing as part of the band, what Boris has to offer are snide comments, bass vocals, and dancing shoes.

Our Original Lore: Boris and Natasha were following our heroes Bullwinkle and Rocky as they were recruiting for their band, ready to fire off explosives at any minute. Once the band had settled in at Bullwinkle's Family Food 'n Fun Restaurant, the duo realized they needed to be even sneakier. They disguised themselves as a totem pole and found themselves spying from the proscenium.

When the boys went to Broadway, they no longer had their totem pole disguises, so they hid in the top of the booth. When the band grew again and they went to Northwoods, they hide above the media screen where they were out of sight. Now that the boys only perform back in Broadway now, that is where Boris and Natasha spend their time, waiting for the right moment to drop their explosives.

Television & Film: Boris and Natasha made their debut on Rocky and His Friends, later known as The Bullwinkle Show. They would also appear in the 2014 film.

Bullwinkle's Restaurants: Boris made his debut with Natasha as an animatronic in 1982 at the original Santa Clara location. He was voiced by John Swanson as an animatronic. He first appears disguised as a totem pole underneath Natasha, and later is repositioned to be beside her above the media screen and above the box office ticket booth.

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Quick Info
Created by: Jay Ward, Alex Anderson, and Bill Scott

Voiced by: Paul Frees (TV program) and John Swanson (animatronics)

First Appearance: 1959

Partner in Crime: Natasha Fatale

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